Vibing and Thriving (2021)

No doubt Snowdonia was tough,


But we worked like a team

In the dream that is Wales

Some fails, but even more success,

Cos it’s not the result, it’s the process

There was no alienation,




Only cooperation

Because it’s not the destination

It’s the journey.

We all gave helping hands,



Lying on plastic sheet beds

Or under the stars

Like star-crossed lovers

Coming from all walks of life

Carpenter, resuscitation, paramedic

Students of every subject

Merging into the perfect team

Sheep, chickens, goats and cows,

Making vows to stay together

Forever and ever

A chemical romance

Neil and Caroline

Southgate and Three Lions

Fish ‘n’ chips, Weetabix

Fuelling our trek into lands untravelled

And when it all unravelled

Our spirits stayed high

With Nathan’s boombox

Jordan’s odd socks

Slipping on rocks

Battling through rapids,

Raging waterfall


Slowly-sinking raft


Don’t panic,

We’re in our learning zone

Never alone,

We hiked through the green green grass of home