UxbridgeFM relaunch Hillingdon map of Christmas Lights

Updated: Feb 14

Steve Parker from UxbridgeFM has re-launched his popular Hillingdon Christmas lights map for 2020.

The map compiles the houses in Hillingdon that have been decorated with Christmas lights.

To help populate the map, local residents are encouraged to mark down the festively decorated houses they come across, providing a picture or video if they are able.

So far, the map has been incredibly well received, Steve Parker told Hillingdon Vision:

I did a similar map last year and it seemed to go down well. This year, people seem to be really up for getting into the Christmas spirit. Decorations seem to be going up earlier than usual.

People have been telling me they've been driving round during the evenings and checking out the decorated houses, partly because they've not much else to do, but also as its a nice COVID safe thing to do”.

In the borough, there are many quirky and innovative houses to see. Parker said:

“Some of the houses on the map have collection boxes outside, and one man in Eastcote is even broadcasting Christmas music you can receive on a car radio when you're outside his house!

“Ruislip and Eastcote have a special Christmas trail, as there's lots of houses within walking distance, there's a Facebook group for that one”

The map is continually being updated. Residents who are yet to see the Borough's lights are encouraged to do so.