Prime Minister facing rebellion on his doorstep

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Over 70 people living in and around Boris Johnson's Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency have written to the Prime Minister calling on him to take action to prevent Brexit "seriously damaging" the Country's economy, territorial integrity, and influence in the world.

We "implore you to avoid further divisive rifts with our continental European neighbours – so that the consequences of your Brexit project don't threaten our and our continent's long-term stability, security and independence of action," Boris Johnson's constituents told him.

The joint letter states that "whether we agreed with Brexit or not", we recognise that "realising your ambition to quit our continent was the easy part" - and that "ensuring that the departure, that you orchestrated, does not damage our country and our continent will be infinitely more difficult".

"So now the big geopolitical challenge is for you, as our Prime Minister, to plan and implement a series of urgent actions to prevent our departure seriously damaging our relationship with the rest of our continent, our country's territorial integrity and survival, and our country's economy and standard of living" residents, living in and around Mr Johnson's constituency, told the Prime Minister.

The letter warns Boris Johnson that his current handling and potential future handling of key post-Brexit issues have the capacity to "destabilise the situation in Northern Ireland", "destabilise the relationship between England and Scotland",harm our relationship "with our closest continental neighbour, France", and create "potential future tensions between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar".

One of the largest post-Brexit "'elephants in the room' is our departure's potential geopolitical impacts".

"Good and close relationships and cooperation between ourselves and much of the rest of our continent has helped keep the peace in most of Europe since the end of World War II," local residents told Mr Johnson.

"We ask you to ensure that the consequences of your Brexit project do not destroy that priceless gift, secured by the sacrifices made by so many n that terrible conflict,"they told him.

"We therefore implore you to change direction so as to avoid the more harmful geopolitical consequences of our departure from the EU," they wrote.

The joint letter was organised by Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement – the main organisation in those two boroughs 'calling for the closest possible post-Brexit cooperation between the UK and the rest of our continent'. HHEM is part of the European Movement UK, which was established by Winston Churchill to help bring our continent together shortly after the end of World War II.

Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement's Secretary, David Keys, said that "in the new post-Brexit world, it is essential that the UK government refrains from further actions which undermine European unity and thus also therefore undermine our continent's security".

"It's quite clear that significant numbers of people, living in and around the Prime Minister's constituency, are very unhappy about key aspects of his handling of some post-Brexit international and other issues. Cooperation not collision should be his watchword," said the HHEM Secretary.

"Any members of the public, wishing to contact HHEM, can do so on ", said Mr Keys.