Online Fundraiser Launched for West Drayton based Comedy Series

An online fundraiser has been launched to raise money for a new local Comedy Web-series based in West Drayton.

Described as 'Only Fools and Horses' meets 'Little Britain', ‘On the Job’ is an ‘outrageous’ slapstick Comedy show starring Co-creator Wayne Hyland and Gordon Hill aka The Wealdstone Raider. The series consists of ten 25-minute episodes, broken into a series of sketches with an overall arching plot.

The series is currently in mid production, with 70% of filming ‘in the can’. The cast now have four days left of filming to go before the final editing process is undertaken. Here, the co-creators will work to polish the cut, colour grade the files, and get the final sound design done.

So far, the show has been funded completely independently by Hyland and fellow co-creator Jeffrey Louis Salkilld.

The online fundraiser has been to help them to obtain the additional funding they need to support the post-production process. It also seeks to raise money for the ‘Life for a Kid’ foundation, a charity which seeks to ‘help children under the age of 16 by offering funds & equipment to help them lead a better life’.

The show will be aired on our sister site Hillingdon TV.