Mentors with disabilities sought for new Uxbridge based scheme

A new project, the Disability Connect Reverse Mentoring Scheme, is looking for mentors with disabilities to share their insights and knowledge with business leaders, HR professionals and managers to help increase their awareness of disability and disability issues in the workplace.

The Disability Connect Mentoring Scheme was founded last year by Steven Jones, a public sector professional, a wheelchair user and Uxbridge local.

Understanding the need for businesses to embed a disability positive culture to attract and retain the best talent, Steve Jones created the scheme to connect business leaders with disabled mentors to increase their awareness of disability challenges in the workplace and help their organisations become more disability positive.

As well as benefiting businesses, the scheme also provides the mentor with a platform to up skill and educate business leaders whilst building confidence, experience and employability.

The mentee will resister to undergo a six-month mentoring relationship. This will include regular check-ins and 1-2-1 support from Disability Connect. Further details can be on Disability Connect's website.

The mentor will receive £25.00 per mentoring session, comprehensive training and advice and support throughout the relationship. If you wish to apply to become a Disabled Mentor, please complete the online form available here.

The Disabled Mentor job description can be found here. You can get in touch with Steven by emailing