Labour election candidate signs publishing deal to tell the story of his campaign

Updated: Jan 17

Ali Milaini, the Labour candidate who stood against Boris Johnson in the 2019 General Election, has signed a publishing deal with Bristol University Press and Policy Press to tell the story of his campaign.

In the book entitled 'The Unlikely Candidate', Milani charts the ups and downs of his election campaign, reflects on the state of power and politics in the UK today, and discusses how people can transform society.

Ali Milani in the run up to the 2019 General Election

Speaking to Bristol University Press, Milani said:

"Just 5,00 votes separated me from becoming the first person in British democracy history to unseat a sitting Prime Minister. People who had never felt truly represented in Westminister could see in me, an immigrant who grew up on a Council estate, and in my campaign, a reflection of their own lives and challenges."

With the current state of UK politics, 'The Unlikely Candidate' seeks to act as a call to action for a new generation who desire a more egalitarian and sustainable world.

The book is set to be released in Spring 2022.