Johnson Dodges Residents' Concerns in Brexit Correspondence

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Boris Johnson has failed to respond to a series of points put to him by residents on behalf of the West London campaign group, Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement*.

Seventy-five local people had written to him, voicing their concerns about his post-Brexit policies' implications for the stability of Northern Ireland, for Anglo-Scottish relations (and the survival of the UK), for UK/French relations (including fishing issues, etc), for UK/Spanish relations (in terms of Gibraltar, post-Brexit) and for Europe's ability to handle threats from Putin's Russia.

Geopolitical issues are particularly important for many in the Hillingdon area - because nine crucial elements of Britain's strategic, geopolitical and military infrastructure are based in Northolt (in Ealing) and near Northwood, Hillingdon, says HHEM.

"What's more, Europe-wide issues are of particular concern for many people in Hillingdon – firstly because a particularly high percentage of local residents work for City, Heathrow area and other companies involved in trade with the continent, and secondly because around 23,000 Hillingdon residents have EU country backgrounds and often still have close links with the U.K.'s continental neighbours," said Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement's Secretary, David Keys.

The organisation says it is "shocked" that the Prime Minister "dodged every single issue, raised in the letter".

"He wrote a long 650 word reply to us – but totally failed to even mention Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Gibraltar and Russia – the five issues we had raised," said Mr Keys.

"As our local MP, we had hoped that he would have at least dealt with the serious issues we raised. By ignoring the five specific topics we brought up, he sadly seems to have opted to treat local residents' concerns with contempt".

Mr Keys said that the Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement will be writing to Mr Johnson again"in the hope that he will be able to provide more relevant detail on the crucial geopolitical topics we brought up".

*Harrow and Hillingdon European Movement is part of European Movement UK and, through them, is also part of an alliance of European Movements in other European countries, an international initiative which was established shortly after the end of the Second World War by Winston Churchill to help promote cooperation between European nations.