Hillingdon Labour condemn cuts to Universal Credit

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The Hillingdon Labour Group have criticised UK Government plans to cut Universal Credit, emphasising it would have a severe negative impact on many low-income families in the borough.

The Government increased Universal Credit by £20 in April 2020 to help deal with the economic effects of Covid. Whilst this uplift was initially planned to last for a year, it was extended March this year for a further six months.

Earlier in July, Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey announced plans to withdraw this support saying the government's focus was on jobs and "all the things we can do to help people work more hours".

Cllr Kerri Prince, Hillingdon Labour Group spokesperson for Families, Health and Wellbeing described the cut to Universal Credit as “deeply worrying for the people of Hillingdon” and said it would have a “big impact on the most vulnerable”.

Hillingdon Labour have joined a large coalition of individuals and groups across society, including Six former work and pensions secretaries, in urging the Government not to cut the payment.

It is our duty as citizens to stand up and help those who need it. It is shameful that there are children and hard-working families in Hillingdon who are going without because of Conservative policy making. I hope the Government does the right thing and withdraws these changes.” commented Cllr Prince.

The cut to the Universal Credit is due to take effect from this Autumn.