Heathrow’s biggest Investor calls Third Runway a “top priority”

Heathrow Airport Limited has restarted purchasing homes close the site of the proposed third runway as biggest investor labels it a “top priority”.

Heathrow’s ‘property hardship scheme’ works to purchase houses from homeowners otherwise unable to sell due to the possibility of a Third Runway.

Ferrovial, Heathrow’s biggest shareholder, have suggested they will sell their stake in the airport if they cannot increase their returns. They see expansion as an essential part of restoring Heathrow’s financial performance in the longer term.

The chief financial officer at Ferrovial, Ernesto Mozo, said:

Regarding expansion, it’s a topic that is [on] the backburner, but it’s top priority as well.

Geraldine Nicholson, from campaign group Stop Heathrow Expansion, said:

It’s clear Heathrow has not given up yet and that their overseas shareholders are becoming impatient

To give this level of uncertainty to thousands of people around Heathrow is wrong - Heathrow should realise the game is up on their third runway and focus on rebuilding the airport as a better neighbour”.

A spokesman for Heathrow said:

The property hardship scheme is designed to allow people who have a compelling reason to move but can’t sell their homes because of the potential for the project going ahead. It only applies in limited circumstances ... and is not an open door to purchasing properties at large around the airport”.