DISGUSTING! Hillingdon - a council of filth.

Hillingdon council have come under fire by local resident who are fed up with the way the council clears rubbish from our streets, claiming staff leave large piles of rotting waste and litter in this spot at the junction of Uxbridge High street and Windsor street. Residents say the potential health hazard is unsightly, attracts pests and encourages others to dump waste illegally.

local residents are angry sent David to speak to us he told us:

"we feel like Hillingdon council are fly tipping on our doorsteps and fining others for doing so, but they [Hillingdon council] do this without a care in the world. If somebody drops 1 small piece of paper the council enforcement officers will issue a fixed penalty of £80 on the spot, this is much worse than a small piece of paper and still nothing has been done."

Hillingdon vision reporters visited the scene and found a huge pile of waste in bags marked LBH indicating council staff had put them there. The bags where leaking a smelly brown liquid onto the pavement and had been placed blocking the only level access to cross the road meaning people with mobility issues faced a more difficult time crossing the road.

piles of waste bags marked LBH can be seen next to a public bench, brown liquid can be seen leaking from the bags into the gutter.  in the background a pigeon that was struck by a vehicle whist rummaging through the waste
This smaller pile is an example of the waste left by council workers.

As an organisation Hillingdon Vision aims to make Hillingdon a better place and so we contacted the relevant departments at the council who responded that the issue would be dealt with, unfortunately a resolution seems to be low on the councils list of priorities, so for now members of the public will have to continue seeing and smelling the eyesore that has become a regular feature of the town centre. we would like to point out that other than this pile of waste the people we spoke to where generally happy overall with the street cleansing team.