Council to publish draft Climate Change Action Plan for public consultation

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

At a meeting on 18th March, Hillingdon Council Cabinet committed to publishing their draft Climate Change Action Plan for public consultation.

Described as "bold and ambitious" by Eddie Lavery, the Cabinet Member for Environment, Housing and Regeneration, the plan seeks deliver upon the Council’s climate emergency declaration, made by full Council in January 2020. At the heart of the plan is the aim to make all Council services Carbon neutral by 2030.

Hillingdon Labour have broadly welcomed the draft but have called on the Council to expand the scope of its plan.

Commenting on his group's behalf, Cllr Stuart Mathers urged the Council to have greater "ambition", calling for "strategies to reduce carbon within the councils current housing stock and procured services".

Cllr Mathers also expressed "grave concerns about the breadth of the consultation and on-going engagement". He said that this needs to be as "wide and inviting as possible to draw on the expertise of our residents and other stakeholders".

The public consultation will take place over the next few months. This process will inform the final Action Plan which will be put forward to Cabinet in July this year.