Council CCTV stolen within 24 hours of installation

Updated: Mar 23

Recently the London Borough of Hillingdon installed a new CCTV system in Dovedale Close, Harefield. The pricey system linked to the Civic Centre was meant to make residents feel safer by deterring crime and helping to prosecute offenders, However what happened next did not make residents feel any safer.

The system installation engineers finished fitting and testing the camera system and left for the next job. However, the day after, it was noticed by eagle eyed residents that lots of the cameras had been removed overnight others were turned to face the ground.

The camera found by a local resident

Hillingdon Council said it was aware of the situation and had sent an engineer to remove the other cameras that where at risk of being targeted, they also wanted to reassure local residents they where working to introduce new cameras fitted on more highly secured mountings and that an investigation was underway to find out who was responsible for the thefts.

Dovedale Close resident Lisa said "it really does show how bad things have become on the estate when the CCTV system installed to protect us is stolen: that really is the definition of irony".

The offenders in this bizarre mystery of the missing cameras took a number of the cameras fitted only hours before, in their haste to leave they dropped one of the cameras on the floor for a local resident to later find.

It is unknown why the cameras were targeted at this time.