Council called on to do more to tackle Climate Crisis by petitioner

Updated: Apr 13

Hillingdon Council have been slammed for their lack of ambition to tackle the Climate emergency by the person who led the petition for the Council to call a Climate emergency in the first place.

Back in late 2019, Hannah Crowther, 20, collected over 1000 paper signatures from local residents for her petition calling for the Council to declare a Climate emergency in January last year.

On March 18 this year, the Council agreed a draft action plan to go out for public consultation. The action plan sets out a roadmap to make all Council services Carbon neutral by 2030.

Speaking exclusively to Hillingdon Vision, Crowther, said the Council’s draft action plan falls “far below the standards of nearby boroughs like Wandsworth, focusing almost purely on direct council emissions”.

Hannah Crowther

There is no new money, no retrofitting of social housing and crucially, consultation details are unclear”.

Rather than settle for a “second rate” Action plan, Crowther calls upon Hillingdon residents to make their voices heard.

The climate crisis will hit everyone, so we need as many people as possible to fight it. Therefore, let's call for a Hillingdon climate assembly to do this”.

The public consultation will take place over the next few months. This process will inform the final Action Plan which will be put forward to Cabinet in July this year.