Cllr Ian Edwards appointed Leader of Hillingdon Council

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

At the full Council meeting on Thursday evening, Cllr Ian Edwards was officially appointed the new Leader of Hillingdon Council. He replaces Cllr Sir Ray Puddifoot who served in the role for 20 years.

Whilst Cllr Edwards was elected as the new Leader of the majority Conservative group in December, it required a full Council for him to officially become the Council's new Leader.

Cllr Edwards has already begun to make his mark. Upon becoming Leader, he appointed a new look Cabinet.

The Cabinet is the Council's senior leadership team and provides both political leadership and strategic direction for the Council. Chaired by the Leader of the Council, it is made up of 7 other Councillors, each of whom are responsible, and publicly accountable, for a range of the Council's services (e.g. finance, education, family services).

The new look Cabinet is as follows:

Deputy Leader and Property & Infrastructure: Cllr Jonathan Bianco

Finance: Cllr Martin Goddard

Environment, Housing & Regeneration: Cllr Eddie Lavery

Corporate Services & Transformation: Cllr Douglas Mills

Families, Education & Wellbeing: Cllr Susan O’Brien

Health & Social Care: Cllr Jane Palmer

Public Safety & Transport: Cllr John Riley

Cllr Edward's term as Leader of Hillingdon Council runs up until the May 2022 local elections.

Cover Photo Credit: Conrad Roth. Licensed under: CC BY 2.0