Santa confirms Denham and Harefield tour will go ahead tomorrow as planned.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Harefield and Denham residents have been reassured that Santa's visit will still go ahead tomorrow (Saturday 19th) despite other appearances nearby being cancelled.

In a statement released today, Santa confirmed his tour of Denham and Harefield will still take place on Saturday the 19th December as planned, despite the recent move to Tier 3.

"We have considered our options very carefully with the move to Tier 3, our decision was that the Santa tour could continue in a COVID compliant way. It was especially important to continue as so many people need a boost right now. Santa passing by will boost your mood and fill hungry stomachs here in Hillingdon and Denham. We will operate in a socially distanced manner meaning we will not be able to have the usual photos with Santa, but this doesn't mean the night won't be an event worth remembering "

The tour featuring Father Christmas himself will begin in Denham at around 3.00pm. If your looking for something to entertain the kids (or even you) then this is the perfect opportunity to join in the festivities.

Santa will set off from Denham around 3pm so keep your eyes peeled for him after 3 and you may just catch a glimpse of some Christmas magic.

A list of roads due to be visited can be seen below:

Santa and his elves will be collecting donations along the way. Every child who donates will receive a gift with proceeds being given to Hillingdon Crisis Support Service (registered charity 1192568).

An example of the support provided by the service.

Hillingdon Crisis Support Service was formed during the initial COVID 19 lockdown in order to feed the most vulnerable people in Hillingdon. Thanks to hard work of volunteers, the organisation has flourished into a fully registered charity helping a large number of people locally.

Unfortunately Santa has a lot of people to visit so cannot visit roads not listed. For further information search Facebook for 'Santa visits Denham and Harefield'.