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We are run by volunteers from the local community

Knowing you have helped someone is an amazing feeling, but there is so much more to gain. New friends, new skills and experience, and confidence, to name but a few!

Volunteers are an integral part of Hillingdon Vision so you can be sure your time will be valued.


Hillingdon Vision is a charity ,community run and orientated with 100% of our profits being ploughed back into the project and the local community. 



Funds are used to:


- Provide free promotional  videos to local charities and organisations

-Provide incentives that encourage positive community activities

- Support members and those in the local community to take part in the project. 

- Setup  community events  that support local charities via fundraising and awareness 

- Promote diversity in the media

- Providing training to Hillingdon Tv members and volunteers

- Create and hosting Entertainment events for the general pubic 

- ACCREDITED Media Training and Educational sessions for local people

- Running and maintaining our young peoples club helping under 18s to develop life skills

Staff Meeting

By volunteering with us you will:

  • Have the chance to express yourself creatively 

  • Contribute to our meaningful and worthwhile services

  • Be valued and included as part of our wider  community

  • Have the opportunity to learn new skills and to develop

  • have the flexibility to give the time that suits your lifestyle and commitments

  • meet a diverse range of people and have the opportunity to make new friends

Current Volunteer Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for multiple volunteer roles.

To find the best role for you, please drop us a message or call 01895 9000 90.


Alternatively contact us on WhatsApp

Film Student
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