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We provide registered charities in Hillingdon with a free mini media package to support them with raising awareness of the charity and its aims. Our COMPLIMENTARY package includes:


Our team of passionate local video makers strive to showcase your organisation in full HD quality.

We visit your organisation and document the daily activities of your staff/service users.

promoting awareness of your organisation and the positive work you do locally.

 still image advert

We will publish a single still image advert in our online newspaper absolutely free.

Simply talk to our team who will provide you with the required specifications.


We will create a free press release for your organisation promoting its activities and encouraging others to support you in your goals. This includes 3 images.

This press release is yours to send out to media outlets, further boosting your organisations presence locally

lifetime licences for content

We will provide you lifetime licence to publish the materials we provide you.

This allows you to share the images and video provided with others free of charge, provided there is no exchange of payment for publishing.


Our team of passionate and professional photographers  will attend your organisation and shoot a number of photos for your use wherever you choose.

7 complimentary images are provided to you in a simple format and are already optimised for the social media sites you use or the website provider you have chosen, meaning its as simple as uploading them to your place of choice.. no fiddly editing required

Social media link up

As part of our ongoing commitment to local charities we collaborate on our social media channels, sharing your posts across our platforms when we come across them.

This service will continue for as long as we are working in collaboration / towards similar aims. 

We also offer social media training at a discounted rate. Allowing your team to gain the skills to survive as an organisation in the modern digital world.



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