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For a better Hillingdon

A new idea in community services, Hillingdon Vision was formed in 2019 by enthusiastic local people with a love for helping others, who decided to create an organisation solely focused on making Hillingdon a better place for all.

Hillingdon Vision aims to improve Hillingdon through its; media work, community projects, events and charitable services.

Open to people of all backgrounds our volunteer program allows those working with us to attend and take part in a wide variety of activities. 


Our organisation has expanded and we need you! Why not chat with us about volunteering?

Get Involved

Knowing you have helped someone is an amazing feeling, but there is so much more to gain.

  • New friends 

  • Gain skills  

  • Experience new things

  • Build your confidence

Volunteers are an integral part of Hillingdon Vision so you can be sure your time will be valued.

Events and Workshops

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